And back we went, me and Ella. Back to Vallby open air museum (friluftsmuseet). It was quite hot outside today, so we didn´t stay too long – but long enough to gather over one hundred exposures. Takes some time to sort through, let me tell you.

What never ceases to amaze me is that no matter how many times you go back to a place, there´s always something new to see. Oh, okay, you can grow weary of a place and feel like there´s nothing you haven´t seen – but before you get to that point.

One of the things I´ve noticed through the years when photographing sheep (specifically, actually) is that sometimes you need to bend, break and come up with new rules on the subject of composing a photograph. The way I crop the shots of sheep is, I believe, not what most teachers of photography, would say is a correct way to photograph/crop. But through my eyes, it actually works.

Let´s see if you see what I mean by not cropping correctly. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Enjoy! =)


















I am Sonya Malinka Persson. To me, photography is among the most beautiful things. There is such visual poetry in it if you know how to look.


Enjoy my work. 🙂