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So, today I brought Ella with me and went down to the quay again. It was a short while since we were there, and the main reason we went was because we had to go somewhere once we got into the car, and I was tired and didn´t want to go too far or do too advanced a something. So.

What I realized was that when I go places like this – or anywhere, like the places I have showed you so far, is that I tend to see and focus on a certain type of things. And when you photograph pretty much the same thing over and over again, you become bored with it, it becomes boring, and you risk people getting bored watching your work.

So. Today, I decided to kill my darlings. I tried, as far as I could, to avoid the stuff that I usually do. I tried, as far as I could, to see something else.

Did I manage!? Well. No, not really. I tried to avoid the most obvious stuff when photographing. When editing, I deleted quite a number of those very-typical-me-shots.

This is what´s left after today.

What do you think?











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