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Too small for a mountain, one might argue, but that´s what it´s called. I used to go there all the time, back when I photographed weddings. It was very common for couples to want to have their wedding photo shoot there, and I understand that. It is very charming in many ways.

You know when you sometimes do something, and you can´t connect the dots in how to do it, really. This was me, today. I saw many things I wanted to photograph, and I did photograph them, but it didn´t really work for me. It´s like… my eyes can´t translate to my brain how I want it to look, and my brain can´t translate to my hands holding the camera what my eyes want it to look like, because – et cetera.

Some of the following photographs I am very happy with. Some others, well, not so much. Oh, and FYI, I killed some of my darlings today, too. =)















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