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There´s a whole shitload of difference between commercial photography and what I do. I don´t want to be commercial. I don´t have a natural eye for it. Back in the days when I was a portrait- and wedding photographer, then I had to adapt. But now that I don´t have to follow any rules other than my own, this is what I get. And to be quite honest; I like it.

Commercial stuff is too easy for me. This is most likely also why I don´t listen to pop music too much. I want – need, stuff to be fairly advanced. My brain needs to be challenged.

There is also a very big difference between what is sometimes called art photography, and what I call actual art – or fine art photography. What is sometimes called art photography is what you buy on IKEA. You know, the packs with ten art cards. Or the posters that you can frame and put on your wall as art. Note the as art. To me, this is not art. Looks nice – sure, but it is not art. Not to me.

I would be thrilled to hear where you would put my work – as commercial art or proper, fine art. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below! ♥


















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