This is the first time I went back to Kopparlunden since the adventerous event with the bird. I am having a lot on my plate right now, so I’ve been reluctant to go just about anywhere, but when I decided it was time to do something today, me and Ella went back here.

In case you haven’t noticed, I am stupidly in love with this place. I always have been, since the first time I set foot here. I love the architecture and that all these buildings has been part of an industry. What I love a little less (that’s an understatement) is the fact that the city of Västerås has chosen to build a business park in this area. That means; lots of business everywhere with their ugly, modern signs outside, so many cars parked all over the place, they destroy the charming interiors that used to be all industry-ish and replace it with boring modern office stuff. I can’t stand it.

What I think should have been done with this place, is it should have been made into sort of business park, but for artists instead. With lots of coffee shops, open doors into artists workshops et cetera. Or, they should have made apartments for people to live.

I would love to live here.






















I am Sonya Malinka Persson. To me, photography is among the most beautiful things. There is such visual poetry in it if you know how to look.


Enjoy my work. 🙂