Today, me and Ella went to see an old, old friend of mine. We have never spent much time together, but mostly over the phone. Ten years ago, she had a car accident that left her with rather serious brain damage, severe nerve damage, and she is now confined to a wheel chair. She can move only her head and her left arm on her own. We see each other maybe once or twice a year, and summertime we have made a tradition of taking the boat (very, very small ship) to one of the tourist islands outside Västerås.

This year, like last year, the boat was cancelled. Extremely annoying, since the online information says otherwise. Lucky us, we could go to Vallby open air museum instead. I’m not sure if my friend wants to be on my blog, so I won’t be showing you any photographs of her – but she was there and it was so very good to see her.

This is what I got after my friend left, however. Two nice ones of Ella – she looks so good in photographs. And now she’s getting all furry again after shedding all summer.

Enjoy – and remember to keep a friendly face. It’ll always make someone’s day! ♥

















I am Sonya Malinka Persson. To me, photography is among the most beautiful things. There is such visual poetry in it if you know how to look.


Enjoy my work. 🙂