I am sorry for the delay in my photoblogging activites. It is due to very personal reasons, and a complete lack of energy to do anything more than that which is absolutely necessary. However; it is fall, and for the last unknown number of years I’ve been wanting to photograph the absolutely beautiful colours. I love fall. It is my favourite season of the year, actually.

So today, I brought myself, my camera and the dog for a walk in a sunny, colourful day.

And when I get home and start going through the photographs, what do I get?

Yeah, guess what. I end up with black and white photographs anyway. I really can’t stand colour in my work, if I can avoid it. And since I can avoid it when there’s noone paying for it, I do avoid it. I really love the yellows, the oranges, the reds et cetera, but I can’t stand it in my own photographs. Seriously; how weird is that. Because I love it in other people’s work.

Ah well.

Here are some black and white photographs of the Swedish fall as it looks at this moment in time. Domestic, I would say, since there is nothing majestic or exceptional about it.

Please – do enjoy. 🙂















I am Sonya Malinka Persson. To me, photography is among the most beautiful things. There is such visual poetry in it if you know how to look.


Enjoy my work. 🙂