Re-claiming colour

When I photograph, I always prefer black and white. In photography, colour becomes that one too many element that distracts me from the content of the photograph. If I do colour photography (depending on exactly what it is), I tend to going monochrome to keep it simple and as b/w as possible except that there is one colour instead of b/w only.

Throughout my life, I’ve dabbled in quite a number of different art forms. I’ve been drawing, painting, singing – solo and in choir, I’ve been dancing, acting, claying, writing – you name it.

Water colours FTW!

But it’s been a while. Quite a while, actually. I’ve spent so many years trying to master my bipolar disorder, and everything I used to do got lost in the efforts of staying alive.

After my dad died, couple of days from two years ago, I’ve picked up piece by piece of the things I’ve lost, and this is one of them. I gathered his supplies of pens, pencils, water colours and brought it home. It’s taken over a year, but I have now put his and my own stuff together, and I do intend to start painting again very soon. I’m short of a few small items, but I’ll get that – and then, I’m off. ♥

A painting since a number (unknown) of years ago.

I find it quite amusing to see that although the style I have is very not-like-me at all, at least not if you know me, this is so much like me. It is also quite amusing that if using a theoretical syllabus around art, I would say I am rather painterly – which also rings true when it comes to my make up. Add this to the fact that some of my friends are my complete opposite. Quite linear both in the way they draw and paint, and in their make up style.

As you can see, the colours I’ve used here are quite brown-/green-ish, and that too is rather amusing. If you look at me as a person, I am more a black-/red-ish kind of person than brown/green. But there are many facettes in a person, and this is one of my more hidden ones. I can’t wait to get started – I am so excited!


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Being a retiree due to mental illness, I always have to prioritize on what I spend my money.


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