A watery kick-off

It’s fitting that it is on the second anniversery of my father’s death that I bring out his and my own water colours and kick of with my painting again. I’m feeling a bit sad and the grief is awake again, but it also feels very good to share out common art form like this.

Remembering my dad with kicking off with our water colours.

I have no intention of painting any masterpieces today. Today, my main goal is to remember how this is done. How I used to do it. To find whatever technique I had and translate it into a technique I can use today. The best part with this is I don’t have to be good at it. I just want to have fun with it.


Since it’s been so long since last time, I felt I had to swatch all the colours. The two upper lines are from my dad’s palett, the one and a half bottem lines are my own colours. Some are the same, and I think I might have to get some more in time.

Not to mention I want to get myself some more paper. I very much enjoy painting small, for some reason, so I am going to get myself small papers. I don’t really know why that is, but I’ve enjoyed painting small for a very long time. Maybe because it isn’t that time consuming, maybe because I am lazy. Who knows – and I don’t really care.

In all honesty, it’s a bit scary, this. I haven’t done this for so long, and I usually don’t do things if I’m not good at them. So, in my own opinion, I really need to game up if I am to reach the level I used to be at. And I have every intention to, although I realize it may take some time. But I’ll let it (even though I am one of the impatient people).

Paper, ready to be filled with colour.

I’m sitting here, reluctant to begin because I am nervous I won’t be satisfied with what I do. How ridiculous isn’t this idea? But that’s where I’m at. Since I want to consider myself brave, however, I am going to start. The paper is moist and ready for colour. I just need to finish cheating by writing this post, and then get started.

What I do know is that I am going to honour myself and my dad. I am going to honour the things we had in common. This will, to me, be one of the ways to re-connect with my dad, despite the fact that he’s two years dead this very day.


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