Follow the water

I had in mind to write a completely different post, discussing the difference between my painting in aqua colour, and my photography (when it comes to expression). However, the last two days I’ve been painting a little, and I just want to illustrate the technique I choose to use in my water colouring.

The beginning of.

Please do forgive the crappy quality of the photographs – I am extremely
lazy and
use the camera on my cell phone instead of proper equipment.

In short, it is what the subject of this post says – follow the water. As you can see, I tape the paper onto a piece of cardboard, then moist it – let the paper suck up most of the moist, then I get started.

I do use a lot of water. Hence the follow the water. I do like to create a sort of framework, so I usually start with creating a border, of sorts. Then I draw the colour inwards with lots and lots of water – and then I start filling the water around the borders with more colour, and keep building it up – and inwards.

Also, I prefer to let the water go wherever it wants to, and then I follow it with colour. I prefer to see what is created by water and colour, rather than forcing a shape that’s not there. It’s a good thing I don’t do this for money, but rather as some kind of meditative practise all for myself. 😀

Sometimes, this works perfectly well and I turn out very happy with the result. Other times, it doesn’t turn out to my pleasure at all – this one in particular was awesome in the beginning (as you can see above – I love it), but as I was in the process of painting I was interrupted. When I got back to it, it didn’t turn out anywhere near what I had hoped, and I am not happy with it at all.

One of the things I love most with water colour is how you can see the traces of water, and how the pigments of colour gather up along the lines of where the water’s been sinking into the paper. I also do adore the transparency of the colour that lets you see the paper through it. It’s absolutely lovely. ♥

In the next post I hope to adress my two ways of expressing myself through imagery; photograph and aqua colour.


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