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(swe, translated)
(swe, translated)

Me as a photographer

I have been trying out many many artforms in my life, but when I found photography (rather late in life, actually) I had come home.

To me, photography is much, much more than a way to depict life in a naturalistic way. To me, photography is visual poetry, it has visual rythm – like music, but visual instead. To me, photography can be performed and executed as pure art rather than just portraying reality.

I used to work as a portrait-/wedding photographer. I liked it and I was good at it, but I wouldn’t choose to work with portraits and weddings today – unless a friend or family member wants me to.

These days I am anything but a commercial photographer. The way I think about photography and the way I see images is something completely different than any commercial photographic style. Commercial stuff is too easy, I think. I crave different – I want and need something for my brain to process when it comes to looking, wether it is through the lens or at an actual photograph.

But when it comes down to it, it’s all really a matter of taste. I like my stuff spicy and tasty, intelligent and demanding – not a massproduced cheap hamburger.

That’s me, then! =)

/Sonya Malinka Persson


Due to mental illness (bipolar disorder) I am retired from professional work.