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(swe, translated)
(swe, translated)

Everyone has the right to love and be loved

Did you know that people with disabilities sometimes get scorned and abused, both verbally and physically, when expressing love in public?

Love is universal, and love is for everyone. We are all both capable and allowed to feel love, to feel loved, but most importantly – to express our love.

Physical disability does not indicate our capability to feel or express love. Sitting in a wheelchair does not remove emotional or physical desire.

This project aims to change the attitudes in general about who gets to feel and express love. Love does not judge. Love does not look at ideals and standards. Love strikes, grows and flourishes between two (or more) people. Instead of expressing your own fear and lack of knowledge and understanding, embrace the fact that whoever these people are, they found one of the most beautiful things there is – love.

Project Love-able &, parts 1 – 4
  • Social media; creating and producing images that can be shared through social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and much, much more.
  • Posters/post cards; creating and producing posters and post cards that can be used in schools, offices, libraries, private and public sector, to start discussions about who feels and expresses love, et cetera.
  • Photo exhibition; exhibit a large number of photographs with subject matter a couple where one has visible disabilities. Themed beauty is not necessarily the same as general ideal, but also love and to some extent, erotica.
  • Photo book; to create a photo book with the same photographs as in said photo exhibition.

When the project is over (approximately spring/summer 2019) there will be a library of all the images used. It will then be possible to buy from a selection for use in papers, magazines, books et cetera. Until then, all use is limited to the work shared through social media.

Would you like to help and/or support this project?
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