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All right, so this is a post that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. I have switched webhotels, and while doing that I decided to change the look of every blog and site I have – and there are several.

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In Sweden, we’re on the edge between fall and winter. It’s getting colder, and the signs that winter is coming closer are more frequent. Sometimes, it looks like the icing on a cake. It’s beautiful, although I personally prefer the… Continue reading

I am sorry for the delay in my photoblogging activites. It is due to very personal reasons, and a complete lack of energy to do anything more than that which is absolutely necessary. However; it is fall, and for the… Continue reading




I am Sonya Malinka Persson. To me, photography is among the most beautiful things. There is such visual poetry in it if you know how to look.


Enjoy my work. 🙂